Once you have located a property of interest please contact us to arrange an accompanied viewing, we are flexible and can accomodate most working patterns. At the viewing we will offer clear advice about the property, should it be required so you can make an informed decision.

If the property you have viewed is suitable we shall ask each prospective Tenant to complete an online application form.

If the application is successful we will provide you with a Property Offer in principle inviting a deposit (usually equal to one month rent) and payment of application fees as set out below.

Right to Rent. Please note from 1st February 2016 Landlords and Letting agents in England are required to check the immigration status of all adult Tenants before the start of a new Tenancy to determine whether they have the right to live in the United Kingdom legally. To comply with this legislation you will need to present an original identification document to us and we will retain a copy.

Tenant Fees

We charge an application fee once we have been advised of your commitment to move your interest forward and secure the property of your choice which is £75 per adult tenant Inlcusive of VAT. Please note that this fee is payable only upon a successful application. If for any reason you cannot be considered for a property or decide not to move forward with your application we shall not charge you any fees. Tenancy renewal fees are £25 Inclusive of VAT. If iMove Newquay send out a letter of late payment, you will be charged £25 per letter.


Your deposit will be held by the Deposit Protection Service, we shall provide you with their terms and further forms to be signed consenting to this.

Tenancy Agreement

We shall draw up a Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for the term of the Tenancy for example six or twelve months. It is important that you fully understand the agreement and if not to seek independent advice.

If your Landlord wishes to terminate your agreement, they must provide you with two months notice to vacate the property when the term of tenancy agreement expires.

You (the Tenant) can only vacate the property at the end of the term of the tenancy agreement. If you require to vacate the property at the end of the term of the tenancy agreement, you must inform us in writing one month prior to the expiry of your tenancy agreement. If you vacate before the expiry of your agreement you will be held fully responsible for all rents & utilitiy bills until the expiry of the tenancy agreement.

Moving In

We shall arrange a convenient date on which to complete a full Inventory as a Schedule of Condition of the property with you, including the noting any defects or damages before signing the Inventory. We shall also provide you with a valid copy of a Gas Safety Record and Co2 detector where applicable.


We require our Tenants to inform us immediately of any issues relating to the property that are detrimental so we may act swiftly. iMove Newquay have local tradesmen in place so we can act upon any issues to a timely manner.

Smoke alarms. It is the Tenants responisbility to ensure smoke alarms are checked regularly and new batteries installed when required.

Property Inspections

We will carry out a property inspection approximately three months after the beginning of your Tenancy and thereafter every six months so we may address any issues that may not be immediately apparent.


Any alterations to the original property condition as set out in the Inventory not expressly consented to by iMove Newquay may result in some or all of a deposit being withheld at the end of the Tenancy. Always seek written consent from iMove Newquay to any decoration and alterations to be made before proceeding.


Strcitly no pets unless this has been specifically agreed in writing before the start of your Tenancy Agreement between the Tenant and iMove Newquay.


Strictly no smoking policy in all our Tenanted properties. Failure to comply may result in some or all of a deposit being withheld at the end of the Tenancy.

External areas & Garden

Where applicable Tenants are responsible for keeping outside areas clear and tidy and gardens properly tended.

End of Tenancy

Please pay attention to the condition of the property at the end of the Tenancy. In particular floors, kitchens, bathrooms and shower enclosures as well as appliances i.e. stoves, ovens, fridges and freezers where included. If in doubt please ask and we will be happy to advise. If we are agreed that the property has been handed over in a satisfactory condition we will arrange for the return of a Tenants deposit in full.



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